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Overall Objective

This guide will help you implement StoreBookingEngine within a target development window of 8 days, creating an implementation of the Open Booking API.


The StoreBookingEngine is essentially a number of abstract classes which can be implemented to create a fully operation Open Booking API.
Example implementation of StoreBookingEngine
The BookingSystem.AspNetCore and BookingSystem.AspNetFramework projects provides a good example of an implementation of StoreBookingEngine using a OpenActive.FakeDatabase.NET - which offers a fake implementation of a booking system backend.
The following are required for a minimal implementation:
  • Feeds - generate the RPDE feeds
  • Stores - methods to execute various booking operations that are executed by the StoreBookingEngine
  • IdComponents - customisable composite IDs to represent the key entities within your system
  • EngineConfig.cs - configuration of the StoreBookingEngine
  • Startup.cs or ServiceConfig.cs - initialisation
Additionally, the following are required to bind the StoreBookingEngine to the web framework:
  • Helpers - convert JSON requests to string, and responses to controller return types.
  • Controllers - call the StoreBookingEngine from the Open Booking API endpoints.